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We create custom jewelry for Jewelry Stores and Resellers.

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We serve Jewelers and Stores

Cuban Links . Name Charms . Championship Rings . Tennis Chains and more...

We create all types of Gold and precious stone Jewelry. No Matter how big or small your order is, in our factory we do it all!

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Why Choose Us?

Proud member of the Gems and Jewelry Export Promotion Council

Why We are Better?

When you are work with us, you buy directly from the factory. Cutting out all the middlemen in between.

Since our factory is based oversees, you get the super benefit of reduced labour costs. What costs $1 in USA only costs a few cents with us.

Our artisans team has been working with us for the past decade. We use split prong setting in Micro Pave, which results in 10 times better quality.

We set stones under a microscope loop, ensuring the there is no metal visible between the stones- in order to get that iced out bussdown look.

Our clients who outsource their jewelry production to us, enjoy 3 times Margins in Sales. When your production cost is low, your margins go high. Its as simple as that.

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If you are a Jewelry Store, a Reseller or an Individual

We can take care of your Supply and get you 3X better margins.